Brad of InspiredConsciousLiving suggests keeping a “to don’t” list. What a great idea.


Make a To Do List

It’s much easier to stay on task if you have a set list of things you need to accomplish. Create multiple lists for different periods of time. Make daily, weekly and monthly to do lists to really make sure you get everything you need done.

Make a To-Don’t List

If you get easily distracted then you might need to make yourself a to-don’t list. This would include all your biggest distractions. For example: watching TV, checking facebook, playing videogames, surfing the web, etc. You would be surprised how much more time you have without these distractions in your life.

Use a Calendar

Keep all your important events in order by putting everything into a calendar.  In doing this you’ll be able to figure out when you have free time to fit in other important things you need to get done.

Create and Complete Goals


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