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Blogging for money?

Thanks, Dion over at Homepreneurs, for reblogging my post. I’ve always felt discouraged by the pennies that come in from advertising. I think that the real value of my blogs has not come from the small change paid by advertisers. Rather, it has come from larger contracts earned from my internet presence. These included my […]

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6th Edition of My Book is Here!

Interpreting and Analyzing Financial Statements focuses on helping you to understand how to use financial statements. While we wrote it specifically for an introductory college accounting course, anyone interested in learning how to read and analyze financial statements should benefit from reading it.

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Monthly reckoning

Accountinator seems to be floundering lately. Here are my hits: Not so great, eh? My biggest challenge has been to write uniquely new content. Here is what are looking for: “Balance Sheet explained” is my most popular topic, followed by bookkeeping spreadsheets and templates. For the coming month, I think I’m going to elaborate on […]

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Backlog May 1

New blog: Freaking Important

I’m experimenting with a new blog, which I called Freaking Important.  This is a productivity blog. The title come from Stephen M. Covey, who says that we should focus on the “important” things, and not just the “urgent.” Anyway, I’m using the blog to clean out my backlog on the ol’ to-do list. I had […]

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How much TurboTax actually cost me: $22.27 above budget

As I wrote before, I was planning to use TurboTax to prepare my taxes.  I’m quite cynical about all of the extra charges that Intuit hits you with and figured that it would cost me $73.97. I wound up using TurboTax for the iPad.  Federal filing (including e-filing) cost $49.95.  State filing (including e-filing) cost $39.99. […]

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Thanks, Dion!

Originally posted on Homepreneurs's Blog:
Home business, small business, and large corporations all need accounting services to one extent or another.  Larger business will have staff accountants while small business may have one or two bookkeepers and a home business has, well, you!  As the chief cook and bottle washer of a home business,…

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Never try to run a business you don’t understand

I’ve seen one or two deals that offer systems to get rich quick.  Too many of these are on the web.  It sounds enticing.  Work two hours a week from home, and soon you’ll earn a few thousand dollars a month until you can quit your day job. I’m all for getting rich quick.  I’m […]

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I just finished preparing the new index page.  This is a comprehensive index of all topics covered so far in the Accountinator. I hope this will help you quickly find what you’re looking for.  Please send me any suggestions for new topics.

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January 2012 Report

I’m very excited to report that January 2012 was my first profitable month.  I made $1.20 on commissions.  Another $2.41 from AdSense.  Since I had no expenses in January, that makes $3.61 net income.  At this pace, I should cover my initial costs in about 30 years.  Maybe it’s a pride thing, but I’m […]

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Welcome to my new site

I just the moved the site to WordPress.  I’m sorry it’s a little scruffy-looking. Please take a look around and say hello.

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